Kent Greenhouse Podcast

About The Show

The goal of Kent Greenhouse is to present meaningful discussion on issues facing the player who is newer to Clash of Clans. Fish, Muels, and Siddz discuss war, farming, and any other issues relating to players who are making the turn from casual to serious.

The Hosts

Fish N Chips


English console gamer turned mobile gamer with a love for the British delicacy Fish & Chips.

I started playing the game January 2016 & immediately went looking for info on the game. After finding The Clash Files podcast I joined Kent Greenhouse, the family town hall 8 and below teaching clan. I learned three star strategies, how to make delicious pizza & that if in doubt just add more gobs.

I'm now leading Kent Greenhouse with the assistance of some amazing co-leaders to help continue the great work that was started back when I was just a little golden walled town hall 5. I enjoy both the social and competitive side of the game, discussing pizza and how we plan on taking down the next unsuspecting clan! 



Muels - Overplanner, Underachiever, Resident Clash Wiki, Social Media Illiterate, and Pineapple detractor.

I began Clash in April 2015 shortly after my son got my wife into playing. I would watch her sit on the couch, iPad in hand, and make fun of her for playing a stupid kids game. She finally convinced me to try it, and it didn't take long till I was hooked! I have since taken over her account, Lmuels, to go along with my other 3. My background is similar to most clashers I’ve met; start with family and friends, struggle to 2 star, start searching for ways to get better and then make a move to a more serious clan.

I came to the Clash Files Family in November 2016 as a member of Noble Hero and soon after brought Lmuels to KGH as a mentor. I'm currently a Co-Leader at The Raided, a Co-Leader at KGH/PH and an Elder at Bad Intentions. My favorite part of the game is the strategy and planning portion. The collaboration that goes into a successful attack is what keeps me coming back. Well, that and the competition!

My goal as a host is to provide our listeners, beginner and experienced alike, with information on the technical and strategic parts of the game.



Siddz - By day, I work as a cheese-sandwich loving millwright building pumps. Yawn. By night, I am a cheese-sandwich loving, Ex-WoW (World of Craft) addict, turned Clash addict. Sweet!

I first got into Clash back in 2014, when, while training for a marathon, broke my foot in a 10K race. Forced to live on the couch for almost an entire summer, I thought that maybe I would give gaming another try. That Christmas, with family around, I saw my brother defeating the goblin maps and got inspired to download the game. Years later, I now have a mid TH10 and a max TH8.


I first discovered the KGH Podcast because they were talking about bacon. Most good things in my life have originated from bacon in some way or another! I am currently a member of Kent Greenhouse, and the New Leader of our second clan Pineapple Hotel.

Oh, and my biggest claim to fame. I am also the son of the legendary Momma Siddz!