Married With Clash Podcast

About The Show

Married With Clash is a podcast where two couples in the CFF Family get together to talk all things marriage, kids, and Clash. Nothing is off limits and you never know what will come up! Weekly topics will include news, war of the week, marriage banter and of course, Clash talk! 

The Hosts


MasterBrew & Queen JJB

Queen JJB (Beth) and Masterbrew (Jim) have been married since 2008 and clashing since August 2014. Masterbrew's sister roped them into this game on a camping trip. They are still playing this game after all this time because of the people and social aspect the game brings. Queen JJB and Masterbrew started Clash in a family clan called Gowiwi with Masterbrew's sister as the leader. Queen JJB took over as leader when they moved on to other clans. She ran the clan for about a year but after serious burnout decided to move on to a less stressful Clash life to allow for Clash/real life balance.

The Brews have always listened to The Clash Files Podcast and Halligan was always Queen JJB's favorite so she applied to Noble Hero and was accepted as a Hero in June 2016. Masterbrew followed a month or so after and became a member of KFarmhouse 2.0 and has moved over to Noble Hero since then.

JJ and Brew love the social aspect of the Clash Files Family. Masterbrew formed a bond with Pseudo and Miss Pseudo in K2. That bond led to a real life friendship that has resulted in the podcast. Masterbrew and Queen JJB live outside of Philadelphia with their two kids. When they are not clashing, JJ and Brew enjoy camping and dirt racing with Masterbrew's family. 


Pseudo & Miss Pseudo

Miss Pseudo (Jen) and Pseudo (Mike) are a couple with two children who are passionate about Clash and The Clash Files Family of clans.

Pseudo has been playing clash since 2013 and is a lifelong competitive gamer.

Miss Pseudo, after years of hearing about Clash from Pseudo, decided to try it out in 2016 and fell in love with not only this game, but the community as well, joining TCF immediately and making K2 her home. A year later she has two accounts now with MissP in Noble Hero. She loves long Queen walks and bowlers are the key to her heart...OH and gems!

After meeting with Queen and MasterBrew, a friendship was formed and we have all met up twice in 2017. Both with two families of four and many other common interests, they decided to start a podcast to get together and have fun all while talking Clash. Both Pseudos take pride in the clans they represent and are proud to be in the Clash Files Family.