The Clash Files Podcast

About The Show

The Clash Files is the podcast that started it all! We love to talk about Clash of Clans. Farming strategies? You bet. Pushing ... of course! Warring? Hell yeah! We have guests, plenty of laughs, up to date news, and will likely even venture off into non-clash related talk from time to time.

The Hosts



Born and raised in New England, Chuck started playing Clash of Clans in March 2014 and became addicted within the first hour. As a podcast fan he soon discovered the Clash of Clans Podcast. This eventually led him to join Phantom Zone is October 2014, becoming leader about a year later. Chuck is also highly active in Clash Royale where he is a member of the Orange Juice family.

In real life Chuck is married and a recent father. In addition to spending time with family he enjoys traveling, golf, and football.



A lil bit about me. I'm an 80s kid. Grew up on Nintendo and Yoo-hoo and soccer. Spent a lot of time outside. Grew up in Charlotte, NC. I still enjoy being outside- playing disc golf and soccer and exploring the mountains and beaches of North Carolina. Huge fan of books and sarcasm. Aspiring professional meme maker. I spend my free time working on my 85 Jeep CJ7. I have a kiddo who is 10 that was named after a character from a Charles Dickens novel and my whole life revolves around her.

I've played Clash at all levels and have had a blast. Started in Nov 2014 and have taken a few breaks, but currently enjoying the game and the friendships that have come along with it.



I am a mom of three beautiful kids, two boys and one girl. I love spending all my time with them and going to all their sporting events. I love playing softball and watching College Football. GO BUCKEYES! I grew up in Colorado Springs and moved to Columbus Ohio where I finally met the love of my life who also plays Clash with me.

I started playing Clash in November of 2014, became leader of Kosarmaniacs in early spring of 2015. I took a well deserved break in spring of 2017. I have made many friends within the Clash community, one of the main reasons why I came back. 



I'm still up in the Great White North, still hunting, and fishing and making good food from it. My wife still doesn't understand, but lets me do the things I love most and my dogs still wait patiently for me to make my war attack before going outside. I still try to carve and sculpt when I can and when I can't, I post memes with images of old TV shows and movies when I should probably be working. I'll still eat just about anything and if I like it, I'll eat a lot so I'm still looking for BBQ invites, but would be happy to share a thin crust anytime. 

I've been at the game four years now and still have a lot to learn and after two years of podcasting, still trying to get it right. Getting to know our hosts and guests, is still fun every recording and keeps reminding me why I do all of this. Thanks for everyone's support and I hope to talk to you soon.